Gas Furnace Repair

At BNR Heating and Air, you are our neighbor, and you will be able to tell that the moment we arrive! We know your family’s comfort is important to us during these cold winter months. The Treasure Valley gets cold, however, a properly-maintained gas furnace by the technicians at BNR Heating and Air will give you peace of mind. Gas furnace repair can easily become expensive and ruin the holidays, so please reach out to us via call/text/email to get a 100% free second opinion before you invest in a gas furnace replacement that is unwarranted.

Typical Gas Furnace Repairs include:

A Flame Sensor. This is an integral part of your gas furnace system’s ability to properly heat your home, and when it fails, it’s often due to lack of standard HVAC maintenance. The good news is that we are able to quickly address this issue at a low cost to our neighbors! (That is, you!)

Gas Furnace Ignitors. In our experience in the Boise area, the continuous off-and-on operation of your gas furnace due to our cold climate tends to get the best of this small part. Replacing this one little part will save you thousands of dollars over a complete gas furnace replacement.

Gas Furnace cycles on and off. This can occur for a multitude of reasons. Choosing BNR Heating and Air to investigate this issue will result in a fair, honest hometown solution. We will never bill you for a service that is not needed.

Gas Furnace Inducer Motor. This part can and will go down, and causes your gas furnace to overheat and shut itself down. If that is the case, we will provide options that will get your gas furnace up and running at the fairest price around!

Gas Furnaces have multiple parts with one goal: to keep your family warm. At BNR Heating and Air, we’d rather repair your gas furnace at a lower cost rather than sell you a high-priced gas furnace you do not need during the holiday season. Trust me, with this growth, we have seen other companies take advantage of the influx of people moving in. We do not see Idaho getting too big, we simply see good people making a bigger neighborhood!

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