Air Conditioning Repair

At BNR Heating and Air, we treat you like a neighbor. We understand your family’s comfort is important during these hot summer months. Let us help take the confusion out of your air conditioning needs, whether you need AC Maintenance, AC repair, or a new AC system altogether. The technicians at BNR Heating and Air offer unrivaled support, and we back it up with a lifetime guarantee on all craftsmanship!

Typical Air Conditioning Repairs Include:

Dirty or Compromised Air Filter. This AC issue is something we run into often, and could mean a quick, simple, and cheap solution to get your AC unit running! We cannot stress enough the importance of giving us a call and allowing our technicians to give you a free second opinion before paying for unnecessary repairs! (we see it all the time)

Dirty Outdoor Unit. An unmaintained outdoor unit is a typical, yet simple repair that will not break the bank. Outdoor units can become dirty or obstructed by overgrown shrubs or clutter. This fix typically does not require a brand new outdoor air unit no matter what a high-pressure salesman tells you! We are fair and honest, and we will bring that right to your doorstep.

Dirty Indoor Coil. This can go hand-in-hand with filter replacement. This compound issue can weaken the capacity of the coil to perform its job, and may require just a cleaning rather than replacement, to get your system running again.

Condensation Drains can often be overlooked by the homeowner. This area if not clear and unobstructed can cause major damages to your equipment and duct work. This is a key reason why proper filter replacement is essential to the health of you HVAC system.

Refrigerant leaks, although rare, do happen. Tracking down a leak is vital to get your AC up and running. If you suspect a leak, you should contact us without delay!! Leaks are not only hazardous to your family’s health, but have an environmental impact, and we happen to love Idaho!

Air conditioner getting repaired by technician