Electric Furnace

We at BNR Heating and Air want you to know that when it comes to electric furnaces, there exists no one in your neighborhood that is better or has more knowledge on your electric furnace system. Before we get into what a smart decision you made by going with an electric furnace, please, please READ THIS. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT inspect or attempt to repair or diagnose your electric furnace! We’ve decided to use our limited web space to put this out there. As far as we can tell, no other HVAC company in Boise, Eagle, or Meridian has seen fit to warn you about the dangers of self-diagnostics on an electric furnace. However, at BNR Heating and Air, we would rather lose money than see you get injured (even if you decide not to go with us, that is fine, use a licensed technician).

Choosing BNR Heating and Air to inspect and repair your electric furnace will be an extremely easy choice because we understand the cost associated when you choose an electric furnace. Our promise to you, our neighbor, is that we will provide you with the best value, and do it better than anyone else around!

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